Government Sponsored Child Care

Cheyenne and Katie

Licensing Standards

The day care must have an immunization record for each child. They must also have a Child-Care Center Director's Certificate. Records must be kept for all Personnel. The director must be 21 and over and have at least one years experience for 13 or more children. They may have more than one director at their disposal. The same qualifications must be met for a center with 12 or fewer children.

Services Provided

Protection is a major factor of the services. Background checks are always done for those applying to work there and for anyone enrolling their child. Playgrounds are provided for the child's exercise needs. Education services are provided.


The services provided help the child to grow while the parent is not available to teach them. Not as costly since it is government sponsored.


The hours provided do not always accomodate to the needs of the parent. Child-teacher ratio could extend beyond 13 children, affecting one-on-one time.

Family Best Served

Lower income families. Families with a lot of children.