Fable Story

Katherine Heyka

The Spider and the Bee

One day a bee named Billy was working really hard getting pollen from flowers. He worked day and night so he could get all of his chores done. Meanwhile a spider named Susan was ordering ants to do his chores. “Make me a web and get me flies” she yelled. The ants did what they were told and did Susan the spider’s chores. After a couple weeks the ants were tired of doing the Susan’s chores, so they didn’t listen to her. The ants went home and did their own chores. When Susan the spider tried to do anything by herself she couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t know how to make a web or get flies for dinner. The spider got very hungry since she had no food.

When the bee saw the spider so hungry he felt bad for the spider. He decided to try to help her. One day around dinner time the bee came over to where the spider was trying to make a web. He told her he would help her do her chores. Billy taught Susan how to catch flies and make a web. After that day the spider learned that he has to prepare for the future and work hard instead of making other bugs do it for her.

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The moral of the story: prepare for the future.