Matt Taylor attacked #shirtstorm

Feminazis belittle efforts of feminists

Definition of Feminism

The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Matt Taylor belittled because of awesome shirt

Recently, Matt Taylor of Rosetta accomplished the amazing feat of landing a probe on a comet. However, he was later attacked by "feminists" because of his shirt, which depicts cartoon woman in clothing that obviously wasn't meant for winter.
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This event is absurd and this MAN

This man is free to wear whatever he wants. There should not be any restrictions to what he wears. If feminists want to find someone to blame for degrading woman, it should not be this man. It should be Kim Kardashian. Why are people saying that this man is degrading woman when Kim Kardashian is doing some outrageous publicity act such as this?
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Dr Matt Taylor wears fun shirt while...
Matt Taylor’s apology

Why these feminists belittle feminists efforts

Feminism is the movement for equal rights between men and woman. However, feminists have, in the past, had protests arguing that they have the right to wear whatever they want, and that men should not be able to judge them for it (slut walks). The fact that these feminists are attacking Matt Taylor for his choice of clothing shows double standards, as if men should not judge them for what they wear, they should show men the same privilege. This event is just a major step back for feminism, as if anything, it just shows how some "feminists" aren't looking for equality, but for men to bow their heads.
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