Unit One Assessment

Makensie Gage

Positive Self-Esteem

Positive self-esteem gives us the strength and flexibility to take charge of our lives and grow and learn from the mistakes without the fear of rejection. It is important to have positive self-esteem so you believe you are worthy of happiness and so that you feel worthy enough to have respect. People with bad self-esteem get treated poorly, because they don't value themselves and their happiness and let other people push them around.

Who I Am.

I am an Arkansas girl born and raised. I love the Arkansas Razorbacks. Whenever it comes to watching soccer or basketball, look for me, because I'll be there front and center! I watch the Lady Razorbacks play soccer almost every chance I get. My favorite food is Chinese. I LOVE sushi. I could eat it all day long!

Likes, Dislikes, Interests, Values, Skills, and Personality Traits.

I like to play basketball and soccer. I dislike the sport golf and dislike "hard rock" music. I am interested in going into sports medicine or becoming a physical therapist whenever I am older. I used to be able to play the guitar well whenever I was about eight or nine, and I used to be in pageants all the time! I think I won once or twice, got first runner up a few times, and second runner up once or twice. But, I am always happy and joyful whenever you see me!
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Four-Person Match

My results said I could be a Deployed Logistics, Physical Therapist, Media Project Manager, and a golf professional. I found it interesting that it said I could be a gold professional, because I don't like gold at all and I know nothing about. I was super happy that it said I could be a physical therapist, because that is my dream job.

working Conditions

The working conditions of a physical therapist is sometimes very difficult, because they have to crouch, kneel, lift, and stand for long periods of time. In addition to doing all of that, they also have to move equipment and lift the patients and help them turn, walk, or stand still. It is very difficult to be a physical therapist.

Learning Style

I learned that I am an auditory and a tactile learner. This means that I have to listen to the teacher whenever he/she is lecturing. This means that I also have to have something to feel or do with my hands while I am learning. It fits my personality because I have to be like always touching something and have to hearing what people say or I wont pay attention. I can gain listening skills and hands on things and that could help me with a job in the future.

Connecting Success to Respect

To be successful, you are going to have to have respect for not only yourself, but for others around you. In a job, you will have to be respectful to your boss and your coworkers. Being respectful can help you in many ways for the future and being successful.

Connecting Confidence To Independence

You have to have confidence in everything you do. When taking test, you have to be confident in your answer. When applying for a job, you have to have confidence in yourself. To be independent, you have to have confidence. You have to know that you'll make the right choices and be glad that you chose that way.


To take pride in your work you have to have confidence, talk about it a little, don't let people bring you down, do your best, and be a good person. You want to feel successful of your own work and not let people bring you down about what you do.

Pride- A feeling or a deep pleasure of satisfaction derived from one's own achievements.

Personality and Career Choices

Your personality really does does affect the career choices people make. Some people are good with kids and others are not. Some people like helping others and some do not. It really all just depends on who you are and how your personality is. If you get a job that you hate, then you probably won't be very good at the career. My personality tests said I am good with other people and helping, so that means I have the choice of a physical therapist or a social/school worker. The career choices are limitless!

Twenty-Five Things In A Lifetime

1. I would like to learn how to kayak
2. I want to visit a different island every summer
3. I want to move to an island in the Caribbean
4. I want to sky dive
5. I want to bungee jump off of the San Francisco bridge
6. I want to go parasailing
7. I want to invent a new technology
8. I want to open my own business
9. I want to go to Paris with my best friend ; Taylor
10. I want to learn how to speak French
11. I want to go snorkeling with stingrays
12. I want to go to Africa on a mission trip
13. I want to learn how to make a shirt, so if I’m ever in need I know how
14. I want to play soccer for the USA Women’s National Soccer Team.
15. I want to get into college with a scholarship for soccer
16. I want to try and climb Mt. Everest
17. I want to travel the world
18. I want to go skiing
19. I want to become a physical therapist
20. I want to go to Canada
21. I want to see the Northern Lights
22. I want to see my favorite NFL team play in person
23. I want to learn etiquette
24. I want to go on a road trip with no destination
25. I want to open a bakery