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Your Weekly Newseletter

Coming Up

Here is what we will be learning about this upcoming week:

Bible: Our Bible story will be about young Samuel and how we can serve God and serve others through listening and being obedient. Our memory verse for this week will be Joshua 3:9 "Joshua said to the Israelites, "Come here and listen to the words of the Lord your God."

Math: We will begin the week finishing up our chapter on shapes. In the later part of the week, we will begin chapter 5 which is on measurement.

Language Arts: We will be continuing our study on different genres of books that we may find in a library. We will be adding the letters Uu, Kk, Cc and digraphs _un, _ub, _up, _ut.

Social Studies Mini Unit: In the afternoon we will be continuing our mini unit on the continents and oceans. This week we will be studying Europe.

Learning to read

I am fully aware that learning to read is the top desire of most of the students in my class. I am also aware that you as parents are providing great support at home in terms of teaching your child how to read. Learning to read is a slow and study process and we are making great progress as I am sure you are seeing at home. Last week I had a couple parents ask me about different kinds of tools they can use to help guide their child at home in reading. I wanted to take a moment and say to all of you that I am more than happy and willing to answer questions or provide support and resources to aid you and your children while you are working at home. If you would ever like to email, talk on the phone or even set up a meeting so I can personally show you how to use a specific resource I would love to do that with you. I want us to have a strong partnership when it comes to educating your children and I think that begins with being well equipped.


As you may or may not have noticed, I created a new weekly progress report. Many of the items on the report have remained the same, however, there are several new items. The new items were taken straight from the grade card I am using to assess your children each quarter. I thought it would create more consistency between the everyday assessment of behavior and the quarterly assessment of behavior. The progress report has three levels: S for successful, which means they exceed expectations. P stands for progressing, which is what most students will score in and ranges anywhere from meets expectations to needs reminders every so often. Do not be discouraged if your child has many P's. P's do not represent a negative score it just means they have room to grow. N means your child needs improvement. If a student receives an N on an item, they struggle with meeting the expectations for the item. I having to redirect them often and/or provide a lot of support in the area being marked.

The second form I sent home in take home folders this week was a Book It book log. This is for you to log the books that you read each week with your child for the reading program we are doing right now. Logs need to be returned to school by October 31st. I will be sending a new one home each month.

We are explorers setting sail to discover everything about kindergarten!

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