What happened in Russia

By:Tiffany Twidwell


Chernobyl is in Ukraine a power plant exploded there.

This made the cows get sick by contaminated grass this cause thyroid cancer. A radioactive cloud spread over parts of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia in Belarus 25% of the country was contaminated by the land. This has made the fish in the river contaminated. The underground water sources have radiation in the water it will stay there for hundreds of years.

Many countries have still been doing nuclear energy still. France has more than 55 nuclear plants 75% comes from nuclear energy. Half~Life is where the atoms decay and decrease. French know the dangers of this and many fear that the plants will die. Chernobyl makes people in France fear that it will happen to them. They are afraid that the radioactive parts will do the same as chernobyl.

The Soviet Union Collapse

The soviet union had almost no money value outside the country. Russification this moved Russians into republics and put them in charge. Perestroika which means restructuring made the economy better. Glasnost made people be able to speak openly about their government. After the collapse of the Berlin wall the communist no longer had control.

Trans~Siberian Railroad

This railroad is 6,000 miles long it links into Moscow. The terrain made it very difficult for the workers to make. Thousands of Russians were enlisted to work on it. The Gauge in Russia is wider than in China. this was built in 1891 making it the world’s longest railroad.