The Unicorn Library Weekly News

October 5, 2015

TexQuest Databases

The Texas State Legislature provides databases for free to Texas Public Schools. What a great resource for you and your students when doing research! To access the databases go to and click the TexQuest icon. These are Gale databases that you can search all at once or one at a time. Within the articles, you can bookmark or download the information for later. I will happily come give your classes a lesson on using the databases if that will help!

New Arrivals in The Unicorn Library

App of the Week - Tellagami

Love this app! It lets you add an audio message to a background picture. The possibilities for this app are endless. Here are a few that I made that are library based:

Spine Poem

Book Talk

The free version only lets you record a 30-second message which means scripting and word choice are essential. Get it from the App catalog and try it out!

Big image

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