by:Ally Condie

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About Matched

the main character is Cassia Ryes. she trusted the societies choices. who's her match,what she will be. and everything else. until she gets matches with Xander Carrow, and when she's looking at her micro card another boys face appears. Ky Markham... now she is in love with Ky secretly. and the society doesn't know. Ky teaches her to write and tells her his story on the hill, and when she tells Xander he understands but still loves her.

Like / Dis-like

dis-like: Cassia. cause she falls in love with a boy she barley even knows and ruins the society

like: Xander. cause he lets her go even thou their matched. and hes still her friend after.

in the beginning

Cassia is on her way to her match banquet and she gets matched with Xander. her best friend.and when she looks at the micro card she sees Xanders face for a second then another boys face pops up then disperses. she is left confused and uncertain that Xander is her match . her official lies to her and tells her that it was all just an experiment. But Cassia sees that shes lying.and secretly falls in love with Ky

in the middle

she finds out that her locket has an illegal poem and she reads it on the hill hoping not to be caught, but Ky sees her reading it. he begins teaching her to write her name , that's illegal to, the fall in love and kiss on the hill. she tells Xander and he understands, but he still loves her.

the end

Cassia has to do a sort and she sorts Ky in to a group that's better, not knowing that they are going to send him as a decoy for war. they take Ky away and cassia is determined to go find him and run away. her family gets sent to the outer provinces, where she runs away, her parents help her, and gets sent to camp as a decoy. Ky is out of the camp and she goes out to find him. she does find him...


the problem is that the society is after them. the solution is they join the rising

I learned...

That if you want something. Go get it.


the moral of the story is don't let others control your life.


i loved this story. Its interesting and adventurist
Matched Soundtrack: "Learning To Write" Original Fan Made Song