Things I Did and Am going To Do

A Tale of Braden Rohde's Adventures

Played Football

Fayetteville has always been known as the one town in all of Fayette County that doesn't have football. Well, this year it all changed. Fayetteville got its own privately funded football organization and entered us into a private league. I was the starting running back who rushed and received many yards for the Fayetteville Panthers and led the team in touchdowns. Although we only won one game the season, it was totally worth it. It was a great learning experience and a great bonding time with my friends.
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Broke My Ankle

For the first time in my life I broke a bone this semester. It was the first scrimmage of the year and we were playing all the old alumni teams over the years. There was 8 seconds left of the last game and I stepped on an opponent's foot shooting a layup and "POOF" I fractured my ankle. The experience was rather painful and I do hope to recover soon. I'm currently in a cast going on week number four and I pray I get it off soon. My basketball season may be gone but I know it'll be the only season of any sport in my career. Cross your fingers and hope that I'll be healed in no time.
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Going Snow Skiing

Well it's finally Christmas and with that comes the yearly Rohde's snow skiing trip. Although I have a cast on my ankle right now, I assure you it will not be on there for my skiing trip. This year the trip will be very intersting because we have a few new members joining us, the Muesse's. Yes, Lyle and his mom decided to join us and this will be their first year skiing. The drive is around twelve hours long and it is all the way in Taos, New Mexico but that long wait is totally worth it. We stay for four days then come back home but those days absolutely fly by. I am extremely excited and can't wait for this yearly trip!
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