Central Carolina Teaching Initiative

It's Never too Early to Plan for Fall; We are at CCTI

We are Accepting Applications through September 30th (June 30th for EC Educators)

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CCTI: an accelerated, NC-approved teacher Educator Prep Program

CCTI offers recent college graduates and career professionals who hold Bachelor degrees in non-teaching areas the opportunity to become fully-licensed North Carolina teachers. CCTI offers two formats for coursework. The distance learning option is an asynchronous/synchronous online model. The hybrid course is a face-to-face and online combination approach to learning.

CCTI program candidates thrive in an engaging, accessible, content-rich environment designed to balance individual growth with a collective goal of high educational standards designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

What CCTI Offers to Support Teachers and Schools

Distance Learning: Synchronous & Asynchronous Online

Course 2 is also now available for distance learning in a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning online. Teachers balance collaborative and independent learning in a convenient setting.

Licensure Areas

  • ELA/English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies/History
  • Fine/Performing Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Special Education - General Curriculum
  • CTE
  • English as a Second Language
  • World Languages
Big picture

Course 1: Building a Culture for Learning

Building a Culture for Learning is an independent, online course that can be initiated upon acceptance into the program, and must be complete prior to beginning Course Two. With a focus on creating a culturally responsive classroom that maximizes learning, this course involves developing social emotional learning foundations, building supportive relationships, embracing a growth mindset and designing classroom routines.

Course 2: Maximizing Learning for All

Maximizing Learning for All is completed while the participant is teaching in the classroom. This course supports teachers' abilities to define learning outcomes for students, develop effective lessons, infuse disciplinary literacy, use formative assessments effectively, build trusting relationships, and provide effective feedback with culturally responsive teaching. Includes an orientation for distance learning and hybrid options. (Look for details about distance learning and hybrid options in earlier sections.)

Course 3: Completing Your Educator Portfolio

Completing Your Educator Portfolio is a blended course held during the Spring semester following Course Two and supports teachers as they work to master the requirements of the NC performance assessment for licensure. CCTI Participants have unique access to our portfolio support and preparation resources.

Come Join Our CCTI Team!

CCTI is available to resident teachers who work in the NC public school systems. Participants complete all program requirements while teaching full-time in their districts.

Learn More: Attend one of our information sessions via Zoom. Please register by clicking on the link and registering for the Zoom Session of your choice. You will receive the Zoom invitation via your email provided.

Every Wednesday at 4pm. Please register here.