Comets & Asteriods

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Comets are cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, dust and rock make up the comet. A comet is approximately the size of a small town.

  • Comets contain dust, ice, CO2, ammonia, methane and much more.
  • Comets are remains from the formation of planets.
  • The shorter the periods are, the closer they orbit around the sun.
  • The longer the periods are, the farther they orbit around the sun.
  • Kepler's Law says the closer the comet the faster it goes,
  • A comet has an icy coating, dark rocks and dust.
  • The closer the comet gets to earth it starts to melt.

Comet Video

Comets are small celestial bodies. The nucleus of a comet consists if ice,rock,dirt or CO2. Scientist are trying to figure out if comets are snowballs or snowy dirtballs. Comets are different from each other. Comets have been recorded since the old days. In the old days comets were a sign of death.
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Asteroids are small rocky worlds.
  • They spin around the earth, they are often called planets because of there size.
  • Asteriods can be really dangerous despite their size.
  • Asteroids are remains of formations of solar systems.
  • They come in many different sizes, but very few are spherical.

Near-Earth Asteriods

They are comets or asteroids that have been pulled by gravitational attraction of adjacent planets.

Asteriod on Earth

A mars sized asteroid called Theia stopped matter from entering the orbit. It eventually became the moon, this happened 4 billion year ago. Theia was about 6 miles in size.
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List of Asteriods

This picture shows asteroids like Lutetia, Mathilde, Ida, Eros, Steins and Itokawa.
Asteroids have major impacts on the earth. Nuclear explosions can happen when asteroids hit the earth. At least 26 nuclear asteroids hit earths atmosphere. this newspaper is explaining how NASA is keeping an eye out for asteroids that strike the earth. NASA is coming up with new inventions to limit asteroids hitting the earth.

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