Getting Prepared For The New Year

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New Year New You!

For the past few years, doTERRA has offered a special for the new year called: New Year New You, and while not official yet, I have a feeling it will be back for Jan-Feb 2016!!! I had so much success with this promotion last year, that I am planning ahead!

How it works: your new member enrolls with a 100pv order (all the kits work) in Jan, then they set up an LRP order of 100pv to run in Feb. After it runs, doTERRA will add back 100 points into their account to be used like cash!

All of the new enrollees must attend a registered class (registered in the NYNY program) to get the FREE 100 points, but it's super easy to register and all of my Jan classes will be registered, if you want me to teach one for you to host!

Contact me soon, if you want to set up a class with me; I would love to teach a class for you! call/text, email, or leave a FB comment.

Here is a quick video with a Wellness Advocate explaining it from last year to her team.

The video below is explaining the program from Jan-Feb 2015. It is NOT started yet.

doTERRA's New Year, New You Promotion Explained

New Year New You Login Page

In this video, the woman here references a code for each class. This is done by registering the class in the official special page. If it is offered again in Jan. There will be a hyperlink from the main website to the special login page. You can either host events for myself, Jenna Feist, or Sarah Rowan to teach for you, or you can teach your own classes! If you teach your own class, make sure to enroll your class into this special site first.

In Jan, I will be able to help people through this if you need any help, just call/text, or email me. :)

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Anyone who hosts a class in January for me to teach, will get a Clove EO from me!

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