all about TOMMY ball life


MY NEME IS TOMMY BALL I WUS BORN IN JANRY 9 2004 MY FAVIT COLOR IS RED MY AGE IS 10 MY NICK NAME IS TOMMY SUNMEY MY FAVT TOPING ON HOTDOG IS KECHUP i live with my dad and gandemow my bothr is 14 and my 2 sitrs is 4 and1 my best 3 frains are sammy andin tk a new FRNDE SHRD BE NICS I LICKE PLAING BARD GAMES WITH THIM PLAY VIDOe games with my frinse my favt cand is resse my favt move is the amzing spidrman 2 my favte sone is cant tuch this my favt subjet is math my favt pizu is chis pixu muy favt clr is red my favt atvd outsid is kick ball my favt car is a mutan and a carvet my favt sorteem is crns i wud play a vido insea abard gamme my favt tv shaw is lost my favt holday is crismis and i love vido games and i hav a lot of frnds namd tk andin izy tlr jowey sammy hatr ine brade copr and i like shole and a frnd name alick

all aboer TOMMY BALL PART 2

my favte vdoe game is the amzing spidr man 2 my favt pc is machbock my favt tv is flat shrin
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