My journey to Greece

For Hazel

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Dear Hazel,

I want to tell you about my trip to Greece. More specifically in the city of Athens. I live at the "Arion Resort And Spa". Here are some photos:

The food

Places to eat are called in Greece - the tavern. Among the most popular traditional Greek dishes can be noted souvlaki - grilled meat on a skewer; tzatziki - cottage cheese with olive oil, garlic and finely chopped cucumber, dill and mint; Greek salad (a mixture of tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, onions and black olives, olive oil); moussaka (a dish of eggplant, minced meat, tomato and white sauce); stifado (pieces of meat with onions in wine). Fried potatoes (often referred to as chips on the menu) are also traditional Greek dishes.
For dessert you can try the baklava (flaky pastry) with honey and chopped nuts, cake with custard, yoghurt.
This is an incredibly delicious! I advise you to try it all!

And when I get bored, I went on the tour. For example the Acropolis, there are very nice. Just at the Acropolis is a very interesting story if you get bored, always read it, and even better to go to Greece! I also was at the Theatre of Dionysus. Do not forget to visit the Parthenon!
Despite the fact that this is all ancient history, they are very interesting!

See this video, it's the Aegean Sea. It is very warm and nice.
The video still is the center of Athens, with its tourists.
Thank you for attention! Waiting for your letter about your summer!

Sincerely yours,