The Awesome Features of Africa

For some great sights and a fun time!

Come visit Africa!

If you're reading this, you want to travel and you're looking for a good place. Stop looking! I know the perfect place. Come and take a trip to Africa! Read below to see some places that tourists can visit. After you're done, make sure to book a flight to Africa today!

The awesome features!

Great rift valley

This huge valley ranges from 1,300 ft below sea level to 6,000 ft above sea level. Some cliffs in Kenya are thousands of feet high. Come and scale the cliffs, or look at the grazing animals. This is where the real daredevils go!


This island in the Indian ocean is the fourth biggest island in the world. Come visit all the national parks and make sure to see the lemurs! With all the weird animals and the pretty forests, this is the place to be.

Red sea

The Red Sea is a narrow sea connected to the Indian Ocean. Summer temperatures waver around 85 degrees. Come and scuba dive with the coral reefs, or maybe just take a relaxing boat ride. Either way, this is where the water sports begin!
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Nile River

This is the longest river in the world, tipping the scales at 4,160 miles long! This river provides an important water supply and farming use. It's also an important hydroelectric power source. Come and raft the wild waters of the river. Come and enjoy the sights!
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