Ocean Defenders: Invasive Species


What's an invasive ocean species?

An invasive species is an unwanted plant or animal that invades a new habitat and kills the species that already live their and ultimately destroying the habitat.

The picture to the right is a picture of a zebra mussel

Where do Invasive Species come from?

Invasive Species can be released into the ocean in many ways. Sometimes, businesses release species into the ocean as a pesticide and those become invasive species. Most times, however, they are transported through ship ballots on boats. When they are discovered, they are then thrown back into the ocean. When they are thrown back into the ocean, it is likely that its not their natural habitat.

Examples of Invasive Species

Why Should We Care?

We should care because it is endangering other ocean species and destroying the ocean habitat. It has also cost the government hundreds of millions of dollars each year trying to contain the invasive species. It is important because the ocean is our life source and it supplies us food and water that could be used after being filtered. The invasive species are dangerous because they harm the fishing industry very severely.

How do we stop invasive species from destroying other environments?

There can be many ways to prevent invasive species in the ocean.One way to stop invasive species on to coming and getting imported to another different location starts with the ships ballasts that suck in the species ocean species is to have filters that can only suck in water and not other invasive species from being spread.

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