Personal Video Baseball Lessons!


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Baseball Season is Here and I Want to Help You Get Better!

How does it work? Simple:

  1. Shoot video of your swing or pitching mechanics with your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device
  2. On your device, go to my website and upload your video on my lesson page
  3. After you upload, you'll be taken to PayPal to pay your lesson fee

"Okay, I've done all that. now what?"

Now, I go to work! Within a week I will return to you a full video lesson that both shows and tells you what I think you need to correct. Videos are 10-20 minutes and include diagrams and a checklist. You'll have access to the video for as long as you want it. And, if you have any follow-up questions I can answer those via e-mail!

"I Have a Coach at My Club, Why Do I need This?"

I don't want to replace your coach, I want to help him. There are many good coaches in Europe, but many clubs don't have enough of them.

As a former MLB Envoy Coach to Europe, I am a huge fan of European baseball, and I want to help European players get better. I believe European players can benefit from instruction by an experienced, passionate coach who also understands the structure of European baseball.

Limited Time Introductory Price of 15 Euros!

I want you to try my service, so for a limited time, I'm going to lower my lesson price to 15 Euros ($20 or 12 GBP). Give me a try! Let me help you make you swing or pitch better!

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