Simple Machines

By Caitlyn Mcnatt

Lever - Oil Pumpjack

The machine uses a lever to pull oil out of the ground. It works by a motor that rotates a arm attached to one end of a lever. As the arm rotates, it moves the lever up and down. Attached to the other end of the lever is a piston that pulls the oil out of the ground.
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Inciled Plane-Driveway

A inclined plane works by increasing a distance to lower the force needed to push something up. when pushing something up a steeper shorter ramp the more force is needed. The longer the ramp the less force is needed.
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Pulley-garage door opener

A pulley works by changing the direction of your lifting force. The more pulleys you have the less force is needed. A pulley system is a rope with more than 1 pulley. this is a single fixed pulley.
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A screw is a inclined plane raped around a cylinder. It is used to fasten to objects together A screw driver is used to do so.
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