7 Salsas

By: Campbell LaPuma

Why does it exist?

It exist to provide quality food for hungry customers.
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What do there customers want?

Most customers are wanting to have a quality meal but also the Mexican themed restaurant is a want for customers when picking a place to eat dinner

Who is their target audience?

They have a very wide variety of audiences. From little kids with families to young adults. Based of locations it can be different, but with one in coppell there is plenty of families who go for a family meal. Inside the restaurant it has a Mexican theme, which provides the customers to have a Mexican feel while eating Mexican food.

How would you describe and rate their media/markrting?

Location is a large part of their sales. Having a restaurant and wealthy cities with a large amounts of families boost their sales. Also they have online websites which help them get viewed by more people.
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Who are their competitors?

Their competitors were other Mexican restaurants that had the same style and theme such as animas. Other cheap Mexican food places such as Taco Bell and Rosas can Also be competitors because they have drive through and can be a quick cheaper meal.