Living near a volcano!

The benefits and consequences

The benefits

1. There tends to be abundant sea life near volcanic islands, so there will be lots of seafood.
2. The volcanic ash from eruptions is very fertile and good for farming. Volcanic rocks contain minerals that are important nutrients for plants and trees.

3. Volcanos are good for tourism, bringing towns lots of money.

4. Local artists can use volcanic material to make jewelry.

5. Volcanic ash can be used in hand soaps, rubber erasers and toothpastes.
6. There are lots of rock deposits from volcanic eruptions, which can be converted into many different supplies for towns nearby. Examples: Obsidian - surgical blades, Dacite and Basalt - construction material.

7. Towns nearby volcanoes can use volcanic ash mixed with lime to make concrete for building their roads and bridges.
8. Volcanic magma heats water in rocks to form geothermal water that contains a huge amount of heat energy. Towns leaving nearby volcanoes can use this water to drive turbines to generate electricity (Geothermal Energy).

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These fascinated people gather to see the volcano erupt.

The consequences

1. Transport and communication will be blocked if there is a volcanic eruption. Policemen and ambulances won't be able to reach the people in danger. The roads will be blocked with lava.

2. Lava from volcanoes is slow but burns down everything in it's path. It can burn down trees and devastate wildlife habitat. Natural resources for people living nearby will be destroyed.

3. Volcanic ash can bound with water to create lahars. Lahars are fast moving mudflows that destroy everything in their way including bridges and large constructions.

4. The blast from an explosive eruption can kill humans and animals living nearby.

5. People living nearby can become homeless from losing their houses either from explosion or from burning lava.

6. Even though volcanic ashes are good for the crops they pollute rivers and lakes and therefore destroy water supply for animals and humans living nearby.

7. People living near active volcanoes can develop respiratory problems when they inhale volcanic ash.

8. The hot volcanic materials can melt snow on mountains and trigger floods.

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Here lava is destroying the road and blocking anything from coming through.

Here are some pictures of volcanoes!

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The Advantages and Disadvanatges of living near Volcanoes

By, Giselle Nestepny