The West

In the west there are many states and their capitals. There is Juneau,Alaska, Honolulu,Hawaii Olympia,Washington, Sacramento,California, Salem,Oregon, Salt Lake City,Utah, Denver,Colorado, Boise,Idaho, Helena,Montana and Cheyenne,Wyoming


The name of Mt. McKinley, which was recently changed by President Barack Obama to Denali which was its original name, is 20,322 feet tall. In the west region there is the Rocky Mountains. There is also the Snake River which starts In Alberta, Canada and goes through Washington and Oregon. The Pacific Ocean borders Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii and California. The Great Salt Lake is in Utah.

Important Boundries

The most southern part of California borders Mexico and Alaska borders Canada , but don't forget that Montana, Washington and Idaho also border Canada.

Historical cites and Landmarks

Miners came to the west region looking for silver and gold hidden underground and they were the first people to look for gold and silver in Aspen, Park City and Sun Valley. In Wyoming, there is the biggest barbed wire ball in the United States. That might not be important but it is pretty cool.

Natural Resources

Some important natural resources found in this region are citrus fruits in California, Washington has fruit, wheat and timber and Montana has a ton of cattle.

Uses for Natural Resources

Cattle is used for eating and the west's grapes are used for wine which is obviously used for drinking. Idaho is a big place to go to to get potatoes for eating. YUM!!!!!!

How Moving Here Will Affect Your Life

If you were to move to the west you would probably move to Hawaii for its beautiful sites and its awesome beaches. If you want to move to Colorado you probably like skiing and snowboarding. Many people visit Alaska in the summer for its daylight. It has daylight for 24 hours a day for the the whole summer but it only has two seasons, winter and summer.

Why Historical Cites and Landmarks are Important

Death valley is important because you might not believe me but some animals actually need hot air to survive and the world needs all different types of animals. Mt. McKinley is important because it is the tallest mountain in the United States of America and it takes a while to climb a 20 ,322 foot tall mountain. I don't have experience but I know it would take at least 24 hours.


I hope all my research has helped you to have more knowledge about the west region.