Luxe Rebels

Team News 1.17.15

UPDATE: We have a NEW Team Name.... Luxe Rebels!

Jump on January - Your Chance to WIN!

You’re off to an incredible start this month and we have even better news for you! Jump on January 2015 is here to help you rock your business and pick up 2 NEW gorgeous summer collection styles during the cold winter months!

Earn the Hibiscus Earrings! Sell 1,000 PVQ, 1/10 – 1/31, 11:59pmPT. That’s right, you’re just ONE Trunk Show away from taking home these beauties!

Earn the Hibiscus Pendant! Sponsor two new Stylists between 12/29 – 1/31, 11:59pmPT who sell 1,000 PQV in their Jumpstart. Since your January sign ups are already tracking to sell 1,000 PQV in their Jumpstart, to snap up that $199 rebate, it’s a win for everyone! Plus, if they hit their 1,000 PQV during their Quick Start, not only are you one Stylist away from the necklace, but they’ve snapped up the earrings too!

How can you win these Hibiscus pieces?

  • Book your Spring Debut Hostesses! Reach out to 10 prospectives, such as: past top customers, past hostesses, friends with Style – and someone you’ve been trying to ask but have been to “chicken” to call! Use our January Words to Say.
  • Hostess Coach! Hostess coaching is the best-known secret to growing your Trunk Shows and building your sales! Learn all about 40+, 10, 3, 2, 1 – to get your hostess excited and those orders coming in!
  • Warm up Prospective Stylists! January is the best time to build a business and many people you know are looking for new & fulfilling adventures. We are offering our best ever Sponsoring Special this month; ensure everyone knows what how much more product they will receive and the amazing deal they get if they sign up now!

January TSEO

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New Sponsoring Video to Share!

Our Story | 2015

The Best Sign Up Special Yet - Get the Details!

We’re thrilled to announce our best ever Sign Up Special! Now through January 31st, those who sign up will automatically receive an additional $100 in sample credits. But that’s not all! They will also have the chance to earn back the cost of their Starter Kit* ($199) by hitting their Quickstart!

This is the deal of the year! Help prospectives start their path to success in 2015 with this amazing opportunity!

Share our fabulous images now (Lounge - Marketing, under 'Prospective') with all your prospectives!

How does this work exactly? Get all you need to know and FAQs below. *New Stylists will earn back cost of Basic Starter Kit ($199), no matter which Starter Kit they purchased.

I would love to help you grow your team. I am available for conference calls with you and your prospective new stylists to help seal the deal. Call or email me to set up a time.

Happy Sponsoring now and in the new year!

Hostess Bonus Days!

The promotion you know and love, Hostess Bonus Days, is back starting now through January 31st! When a customer hosts a *qualified Trunk Show (at least 4 unique orders and $500 in retail sales), Hostesses will receive an additional $50 in Style Rewards Credits!

Use this Booking image NOW and your January calendar will be booked in no time!

See promotion specific details and FAQs in the Lounge.

Did you know you can EARN your samples for FREE??

Here is how...

Consistency Bonus: sell $500 each month in a quarter = $100 product credit

Sampling Credit Coupon: sell $2000 in a quarter = get $500 product credit for $99

Stellar Seller: sell $5000 in a month = $100 product credit, sell $10,000 = $200 product credit

Sponsoring: It's more fun with a friend! And if you help your friend sign on and promote to Associate Stylist during their jumpstart you BOTH get $500 product credit! Do this in YOUR jumpstart and get a bonus $300 product credit! That's $800 PER PERSON you sponsor during your jumpstart... AMAZING!

There are even more ways and I'm happy to help you. Let me know if you'd like to have a phone date or meet for coffee!

Want a bigger PAYCHECK?!

Here are a few ways to boost your commission this month:

  • Sell $2300 = bump up from earning 25% commission to 30%
  • Sell $5000 = 32% commission
  • Sell $10,000 = 35% commission
  • Sponsor a new Stylist and earn coaching commissions when you help them successfully launch their business
  • Help your new Stylist promote to Associate Stylist = $75 bonus (EACH MONTH during their first year!)

January Top Sellers to Date

  • Karla Dofflemyer $1339
  • Laura Harris 504
  • Katherine Lester $165
  • Ashley Vevoda $117

Welcome New Stylists!

  • Keisha Moulton
  • Rachel Krempa

My Upcoming Trunk Show Schedule

You are all welcome to shadow me at one of my trunk shows. Just email me and let me know in advance that you'd like to join me.

Jan. 24, 3:00 - 5:00 pm Maryland (launch Rachel)

Jan. 29, 7:00 - 9:00 pm Charlottesville

Jan. 30, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Charlottesville

Feb. 11, 5:30 - 8:30 pm Charlottesville

Feb. 22, 3:00 - 5:00 pm Charlottesville