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This Week:

Math: We used rounding to estimate sums and differences.

Reading: We used close reading to develop a deep understanding for what we read.

Writing: We observed how writers create non-fiction texts and collected ideas about what we may want to write about.

Social Studies: We learned about the surrounding border states of Missouri as well as the main cities and rivers.

Important Dates:

Sept. 22nd: No School

Sept. 26th: Picture Day


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Close Reading

We went through the process of "close reading" two articles this week. The first was an article about head safety in sports, specifically soccer. The second article was about the popularity of the Minecraft books. When students read closely, they reread a text multiple times, paying attention to different details each time. This week we focused on the main idea of the text and the supporting details. The students listened to the article being read by me, read the article with partners and read the article individually. This repeated reading will also assist in the student's ability to read fluently.

8 Boarder States

Boarder States Song

We've earned...

Sep 19, 2014
We've earned an "Electronics Day Party". Our class has worked hard to follow our BEST expectations. It will be next Friday. I will send home specific information early next week.