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January 2020-Happy New Year!

From The Desk Of Your Principal:

Happy New Year, RMS Families!

Diving into 2020, this is a time for our entire school community to reset. What does resetting entail? Our staff have taken the opportunity to utilize professional development time by reviewing our student data and classroom practices. The reflections lead us to developing action plans to be implemented to support our students within the next thirty days as well as for the remainder of the year. We valued the time to collaborate as we learned from each other and collectively made commitments to implement our action plans with fidelity.

As staff have reset, we are also looking for our students to do the same. 2nd Quarter Report Cards will come out on Friday. We urge all families to review the report card information with students and also set goals for the next quarter. If you do not have HAC access to regularly review the progress your child is making, please connect with our school counselor, Ms. Kim Passini. If you see a concern with your child’s performance, please set up a meeting with the classroom teacher to develop a plan for success. A letter for credit recovery to students not meeting the academic benchmarks will be sent to specific families in the upcoming weeks. Credit recovery will begin during the month of March.

Looking Ahead…

  • Spring MAP NWEA Testing

    • As parents are aware, this assessment is given three times a year. We will give the Spring assessment this month. Teachers have discussed the importance of students taking the assessment seriously and doing their best.

  • ACT Aspire State Testing

    • This year, we will be doing something a bit different with our students in regards to this assessment. We will be having personal conversations with all students about this test and the purpose of it. Not all of our students seem to understand that this assessment prepares them for the ACT Test given in high school which is part of the entrance process to college. Every time this test taken is an opportunity to practice for the later assessment. This test also provides feedback to our school on ways to improve and better support the needs of all students. If students are not doing their best, the data on the assessment will be skewed. Our school team will individually meet with all students to review prior data from last year and set goals for improvement. We thank you for taking time to discuss these important life lessons with your child.

  • Honors Assembly

    • Honors assembly for academic achievement, perfect attendance, and Senator Pride Students will be held on January 31, 2020. Parents of students being honored will be invited to this celebration. Students will receive certificates at this time. A light breakfast will be served.

      • 6th Grade Honors will be held from 8:30am-9:00am

      • 7th Grade Honors will be held from 9:00am-9:30am

      • 8th Grade Honors will be held from 9:30am-10:00am

    • PBIS School-Wide Quarter Celebration will be held on January 31, 2020 from 2:45pm-3:00pm. This is a time to celebrate with our students about accomplishments made during the 2nd quarter.

Again, Happy New Year!

Ms. Appiah-McNulty

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Counselor's Corner:

Happy New Year!!

January is National Attendance Awareness month. Our goal is to assist families and school personnel to better understand the importance of school attendance. Below, you will find an article that emphasizes the importance of attendance and some helpful tips to reduce absenteeism.


Ms. Kim Passini

Links To Articles Shared By Staff

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Mr. Bagby (RMS Assistant Principal)

How many times has there been a missed opportunity for learning in the classroom due to merely not asking for help? There is evidence that mentoring can be beneficial for students’ academic and social needs. Mentoring has shown to significantly increase students’ tendency to access educational activities or supports.

Additionally, mentoring can help facilitate seeking help from others and finding solutions to problems rather than ignoring them.

At Robinson Middle School we provide mentoring for students of diverse backgrounds and needs. We are always open to any input that you may want to offer regarding support for your child. We hope you will reinforce the importance for your child to ask questions from their teachers regarding study skills or organizational skills. These “soft skills” often make a significant difference in academic achievement. They are, in fact, areas that mentoring activities are likely to address to help support academic needs.

Follow the link below for a great article that shows a relationship between mentoring efforts and standardized testing results.

Have a great day!

Ms. Banks (RMS Assistant Principal)

Research suggests the transition from elementary to secondary schools can be a challenging but very rewarding experience .

When students leave the comfort-ability of the elementary school setting to enter the middle school environment both parents and students can be a bit apprehensive. Because of the uncertainty that this type of change might bring, it is important to be aware of challenges and opportunities that middle school provides.

This article shares insights that are beneficial for parents during the transition as well as strategies that can be used throughout the middle school years.