Cheddar cheese

By: Emily Stinar

Where it originated from

Cheddar cheese was first made in south west England in the village of Cheddar. In the village they had caves which provided the ideal humidity and steady temperature for maturing the cheese. Most of the cheese would be aged for many year.


  • Relatively hard
  • Off white (sometimes orange if spices are mixed in)
  • Referred to as having a "sharp" taste
  • One of the most common cheeses

How its made

Cheddar is made by a process called Cheddaring. Cheddaring refers to an additional step in the production of making the cheddar cheese. After the cheese is heated, the curd is kneaded with salt. Then the cheese is cut into cubes to drain the whey and stacked and turned.

United States Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese is the second most popular cheese in the US. The state of Wisconsin makes the most cheddar cheese out of any of the states. It is made in many different varieties to change the taste to it. In american Cheddar is one of several products used by the United States Department of Agriculture to track the status of Americas overall dairy industry.