Counselor's Notes

By Mrs. Cyndie Morris - September, 2013

Career Education in the Academy

This year we are beginning Career Awareness at Bremen Academy. Students are encouraged to ask themselves 3 main questions:
  1. Who Am I?
  2. Where Am I Going?
  3. How Am I Going to Get There?

Mrs. Cyndie is meeting with every classroom once per 9 weeks during Acceleration to present lessons & activities designed to help students begin to answer some of these questions.

This 9 weeks we have begun to learn about different Personality Types. Following a Classroom Guidance PowerPoint, students have been given a Personality Inventory sheet listing each of the 4 personality types : Lion, Otter, Retriever, & Beaver. Under each Personality type there was a list of 5 descriptors students were asked to respond to (Does this describe you? Or not?) Once students identified their own personality type, we had fun seeing all those in class with similar personalities. We also brainstormed to name as many jobs & careers as we could that would be a " good fit" for each personality type. These Personality Inventory Sheets will be filed in each child's individual Career Folder.

Later this year the Academy will participate in the BMS Career Fair. At the end of this school year we will celebrate Career Week which will include Dress-Up Days, Classroom Activities, & Guest Speakers for each of the identified topics for each grade level. In May, 5th graders will use these folders to help create their own Career Portfolio.

4th Grade Career Clusters Include:

  • Architecture & Construction
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

5th Grade Career Clusters Include:

  • Finance
  • Government & Public Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing

Parents who have expertise in any of these fields & who would like to participate in the Career Fair or Career Week are encouraged to contact Mrs. Cyndie. Thank you in advance for your support!

Character Education Continues to Help Students Grow GOOD Fruit in Their Gardens

Congratulations to last month's " Character Master Gardeners" whose names were the first to appear on our Character Wall in the cafeteria in recognition of their demonstration of LOVE. The Red Apples (Because they reminded me of " Valentine Hearts") have the names of each child identified by their teachers proudly displayed for all to see. During September we are focusing on JOY. Our symbol for Joy is a Yellow Banana (Because Yellow is a "Happy" color, & a Banana looks like a "Smile".) Remember: Happiness is a CHOICE....& it is CONTAGIOUS!

Mentoring - Correction on Contact Information

Leigh Ann Hunter's number is 770-550-6581. Please call for information concerning Mentoring if you are interested in getting a Mentor for your child. Also contact her if you are interested in becoming a Mentor.

If You Need to Request Financial Assistance for Field Trips, Please Contact the School's Principal