Whole Number And Decimal Division


1: When your dividing you should always start out by writing down the problem.

2: Then you estimate your divisor to the nearest ten.

3: Then you estimate the dividend (whole) to a friendly number to the divisor.

4: Next you make your division house.

5:Make sure you bring up the decimal straight up if your using a decimal.

6: You put the first number (most likely the dividend) in the house and the divisor outside the house.

7:After that you see how many times the number can go into the numbers in order.

8:Next you put how many times the number can go into the number above the number your dividing by.

9:Then you multiply the number by the divisor and then subtract the number from the number your trying to get closest to.

10: Then if there is a remainder you can add zeroes on the the dividend to try and keep going. But if you can't keep going you will just have a remainder.

11:Then when your done make sure you check by multiplying the quotient by the divisor.And if you did it right you should get the same answer.

Long Division Song (Ho Hey Parody)