By: Alondra sanchez,Briaunna Foster,and Yadira Carrillo

Main Characteristics of a hurricane

The main characteristics of a hurricane !

  • They form over tropical waters
  • Sustained winds <120 km/h
  • The diameter is 100-1500 km
  • The middle of a hurricane is called the eye
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How the event is formed.

It begins as tropical storms over warm water, then as the moisture in the air turns it into huge twisted heated.(A hurricane)

Cause of event

The two essential ingredients in every hurricane are warm water and moist warm air.

Where the event most likely will occur?

Hurricanes will most likely occur in Western Pacific.


  • Detrimental:The land may suffer extensive flooding during a hurricane. This flooding, combined with waves at beaches, can cause severe erosion.
  • Beneficial:Its helps with droughts in certain ares.


  • Detrimental: Lots of plants are damaged and lost during a hurricane .Destroying the ecosystem.
  • Beneficial:The soil is most likely to be more fertilized,making a good place to grow crops.


  • Detrimental:Powerful winds from hurricanes can push birds hundreds of miles from there home
  • Beneficial:They can benefit from increased shelter from the twigs and branches that fell to make new homes.


  • Detrimental: There are many obvious effects such as death toll and destruction of homes and vegetation.
  • Beneficia l:
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