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Cool Things to Do During Winter Break

Enjoy this article written for the December Lovett Lines by Stephanie Bullock, LS Academic Technologist. While the article suggests ways parents can get their children 'unplugged' during the holidays, there are suggestions adults will enjoy as well.

Tis the Season to Unplug

Personal computers, tablets, eReaders, and other computing devices are often high ranking wish-list items for young people around the holidays. When the gift-giving dust has settled and all that’s left in your home are piles of discarded wrapping paper, stacks of boxes, and the zoned-out faces of your children lit up by their [insert-device-here], you may find yourself asking: “What can I do to get my children [and me] off the couch and out from behind these screens?” The Academic Technology and Library teams are eager to share: Our Favorite Things 2015, a tried-and-true list of recommendations for ways your family might unplug during the holiday season.

Holiday Favorites!

Featured Magazine

Did you know that we subscribe to more than 30 of your favorite magazine and news sources? This month's featured magazine is SOUTHERN LIVING. Stylish southern homes, great travel ideas and delicious recipes for the holidays ! Stop by the library to check it out!

Faculty Spotlight - Haiku Supeheroes

Superman, Batman.

Hang up torn and tattered capes.

Haiku saves the day!

~ Ben Posten

Faster than a speeding bullet, we find ourselves at the end of semester, one filled with the antics of a villain named Haiku. Once you conquer the challenges that come with such a villain, we often discover there are some bright spots to such an annoying character.

Two of the MS super heroes that have discovered the positive character traits of Haiku are Jennifer Achilles and Kristen Pariseau. Below, they share a few highlights (with some paraphrasing).

  • Dropbox makes it very easy for students to electronically submit assignments (more organized than submitting via email) and easy for teachers to grade. Grades are automatically entered into the gradebook, which is also nice to have all together with my class.
  • Students enjoy creating math problems and submitting them to a discussion. All students then solve at least two other problems created by their classmates. They love the interaction and ownership it allows.
  • Students love having a page for each Unit. We post videos, links to online practice, answer keys to classwork/homework, and anything else related. We also love the ability to publish certain pages to certain classes so that all preps are organized under one umbrella.
  • We have created a Teacher Share Page (separate Haiku class) for all of 8th grade math teachers where we can post things individually and share with one another. This saves us from having to email video links and other supporting documents.

Thank you, Jennifer and Kristen for fighting the good Haiku fight. If you ever need help saving the day, don't forget these two super heros.

Some other resources you may find useful:

Cool Smartphone Camera Tricks

Did you know that the volume button can snap a picture? Ever tried taking a picture through a telescope? Have you heard of a "PanoDriveBy"? If you're intrigued and use the camera on your phone as often as we do, you'll enjoy reading this article about some of the cool things your camera can do.

Remember, as a Lovett employee, you have unlimited access to, an online library of high-quality instructional videos on the latest software tools and skills.

Some MORE videos you may enjoy:

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Reading Aloud to Teens

An article recently published by School Library Journal, suggests reading aloud to teens. Sound too babyish? Read thearticle to find out why teens love it and how it can be useful in your classroom. Angela would be happy to suggest titles to go along with your unit or even be a special guest in the classroom!

We saved the best for last!

Wacky Wednesday

Be sure to join us the morning of January 20th, where you'll learn all about electronic books, editing and/or creating digital pictures, and taking notes while watching videos in Google Drive.
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