Sydney Taylor and Morgan Tyner

Where is Pasquotank River Basin located?

Pasquotank is a county in the US State of North Carolina. It is in Elizabeth City near Virginia and South Mills. The headwaters are inside of Gates county. The pasquotank River drains into the Albermarle sound and the mouth of the river is in Camden County and Pasquotank County. One of the mouths is the Dismal Swamp.

How many miles of streams and rivers are there?

There are 474 miles of streams and rivers in this basin.

How many people live in the Pasquotank River Basin?

118,913 people

What's the river basin like?

Some important tributaries are the Alligator, Perquimans, Little, Yeopim, and North Rivers. They have lighthouses, which is why a lot of visitors go. Some important places are Roanoke Island, Elizabeth City, Cape Hatteras National Seashore,Lake Phelps, and Pyramids. It has one of the largest and tallest most natural sand dunes called Jockeys Ridge. They have one of the countries oldest canals, called the Dismal Swamp. Two nonpoint pollutions are the urban runoff, and the septic tanks. This is caused by 10%of the water being polluted. Certain fish in it are infected by the bacteria caused by pollution. Two point source pollutions would be the pipes that distribute the polluted water into the Dismal Swamp and the other is the waste from the farmlands around the basin. A way to stop the Septic Tanks is to give every home plumbing around the basin so we can stop polluting the water with waste. We can stop letting the farmland waste get in the river by using compost.

North Carolina Map of the Pasquotank River

Land and Aquatic Organisms

There are plenty aquatic manatees but unfortunantly the red wolves are endangered. The American Aligator lives on both land and water. The Lodger Head Sea Turtle is in the aquatic enviroment
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Lodger Head Sea Turtle

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There are 2 very important plants in this basin. There are Attamasco Lillies and the Sea Oats.

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