General Insurance Have You Explored

Are you uninsured, or do you lack the financial protection for some of your possessions such as car, home, health, two-wheeler? We often tend to lead our lives, neglecting the responsibility that we have towards ourselves. Although there are many events that may be within our hands, there are plenty beyond our control. These uncertainties are those circumstances and events that we need to protect ourselves from and this is not in context with our life.

While life insurance enjoys the most significant position, general insurance too has a very vital role in our lives. Whatever our liabilities may be; a car, a home, a two-wheeler, a vacation abroad; there are plans that have been designed so as to protect ourselves from encountering financial disasters.

There are many policies that people can opt for:

• Home insurance

• Car insurance

• Two-wheeler insurance

• Health insurance

• Travel insurance

People can find policies according to their budget; further narrowing down their searches. While life insurance is absolutely essential to one’s financial security, so are the various plans that are offered under the general sector. Any sort of damage or destruction to any one of these objects (car, home, and two-wheeler) or one’s health being adversely affected can burn holes in one’s pockets; especially when not financially prepared for the same.

It is thus very important to always be prepared well beforehand so that they do not encounter any financial liabilities or burdens. In India, there are many public sector as well as private sector insurance providers which are known to offer various plans.

However, the popularity and dominance of these plans remain in the private sector where the maximum number of sales occurs. Also, as a result of the inflating population not only within India, but across the world the importance of these plans has only intensified and grown. So, while life coverage is known to dominate the sector, general insurance too holds a strong hold in not only India but across the world.