Jean Louise Finch

aka Scout

Scout's Personality

Scout is a very unusual little girl, both in her own qualities and social position. She is very intelligent for her age, being able to read before even starting school. She is confident and also a tomboy. Scout is the way she is because of the way atticus raised her. She starts off in the novel as an innocent 5 yr old who has never been exposed to evil. Atticus's protection of scout from hypocrisy and social pressure has rendered her open. Scout's perspective on life develops that of an innocent child into that of a near grown-up.


"Ms.Caroline told me to tell my father not to teach me anymore, it would interfere with my reading" (Page 12 Ch 2)

"Catching Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard gave me some pleasure, but when I was rubbing his nose in the dirt Jem came by and told me to stop" (Page 17 Ch 3)

"Atticus said, don"t pay any attention to her, Jack. Shes trying you out. Cow said shes been cussing for over a a week now." (Page 65 Ch 9)