Trampoline Park Birthday Party!

Celebrate Megan's Birthday at Skyzone

Get jumpy.

Skyzone is the world's first trampoline park. Experience WOW- a super intense work out combined with so much fun! Flip your way into the New Year with a great time that's getting you in shape!


Where? 91-B Spreague Street, Boston, MA 02136

When? Monday, February 1st at 3:00

Presents are required, as well as socks for the trampolines.

We will be transported by limo from school to Boston. Dinner will be provided afterwards along with cake!

Some Gift Ideas ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a waiver?


Is there an age limit?

No, but jumpers will be separated by age and size so it will be safe.

Is there special footwear?
Special socks can be purchased at the door, but normal socks work fine as well.