My Digital Footprint

Final Exam evaluation

Digital Footprint

What is it?

  • A collection of your actions on the internet
  • Ranges from Social Media to Workplace
  • Can impact you positively or negatively
  • Never really goes away


Why is it important?

  • Impacts our school admission
  • Impacts our job search
  • Anyone can find it
  • Includes almost everything you did on the internet

What my Digital Footprint consists of

The Impact it has on my future

I think that my digital footprint will have a positive impact on my future as of now. If you search me up, yes you can find me on different types of social media like Facebook and Twitter, but none of that information is bad. Everything just depends on how the person that is viewing my page/channel feels about that topic. They might not like the music that I listen to, or might not like my hobbies, that would consist of making music, playing video games, and playing guitar. It might harm me because of my hobbies and some of my posts. It might be helpful because some people that are interested in my skills could easily find me, contact me, and set up an interview for a potential job.

What can I do to improve my online image

First, I can watch what I post. I don't want to post anything about controversial topics that might make some people angry. I also don't want to post anything inappropriate.

The next thing that I could do is try to make my profiles more professional. I would do that my making my profile pleasing to look at, and also to read. I could fill with where I worked, what my skills are, and what my current list of skills include. Almost anything to have other people think highly of me.

Whats the most important thing that I learned

When I first came into this class, I had no idea what a digital footprint even was. Then, after about a few days of looking into it, I realized what it was and also how important it is. I learned that people can view it at any time, anywhere and that it could be the deciding factor of whether I get that job or not. I have to make sure to post positive things, or just things that I enjoy posting. I should really pan away from posting anything that has to do with a controversial topic, you never know what kind of opinion the person that is viewing your page has.

Citations For my first Digital Footprint picture. My second Digital Footprint picture

All of the other pictures (My YouTube, My Twitter, and my LinkedIn) aren't cited because they are my profiles on those websites.