Tuktut Nogait, Canada

Tuktut Nogait National Park, Northwest Territories: Will H

Physical features and Wildlife

With its rolling tundra's, wild rivers, precipitous canyons, and a variety of unique wildlife and vegetation.

The wild life consists of Bluenose West caribou herd, wolves, grizzly bears, muskoxen, arctic char, and a high density of raptors.

Vegetation consists of wet sedge meadows, dry upland tundra, willows and dwarf birch.

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This is one of the Muskoxen in Tuktut Nogait
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Bluenose West Caribou Herd

These are the Caribou that are in Tuktut Nogait National Park.
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The most popular raptor in Tuktut Nogait Nation Park is a Peregrine Falcon

Tourist Attractions

They can camp at Tuktut Nogait(not near the animals)

You may canoe on the Hornaday River

You can hike along side of the Hornaday River

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Tuktut Nogait National Park

This is Tuktut its self


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