FDA Rules and Regulations

By Neal Schriner

FDA's Authority Over Advertising

The FDA's authority is based on many federal laws including the Federal food, drug, and cosmetic act. That law is addresses to prescription drugs advertising must be accurate and not misleading. The Direct to Consumer advertising is a new thing that the drug companies have to be direct to the customers. There has been laws though that has tried to get rid of the DTC.
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Office of Prescription Drug Promotion

The office of prescription drug promotion (OPDP) looks at prescription drug ad activities. They do this work by 3 steps.

1) Looking for and taking action against advertisements that violate the law.

2) Educating industry and others about the specifics of the law.

3) Encouraging better communication of promotional information provided both to healthcare professionals and to the consumers.

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Getting the Customer Input

The FDA does what it can to protect people and in order to that, they get the customers input before making any decisions about drugs. They hold meetings with experts and customers to get some kind of input and they also announce their decisions to the public before making their decisions final. This shows that they will try to keep the people safe and try to keep the people happy.