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Let the fun begin!

Now that both schools have deployed (yay!) the digital learning fun can begin! With these new devices, you can be even more connected and creative! Many teachers ask, "How do I push documents to students now?" The answer is Canvas! If you have not been to a Canvas training, I'll be glad to schedule a 1:1 or small group session with you OR if you are ready to jump in to a self-paced module, you can start here with the Canvas Superheroes online course! Be on the lookout for some optional face to face sessions in the coming weeks as well.

Even if you just need a refresher about what Canvas can do, I can get you started in 30-45 minutes with the basics. Don't shy away from digital learning, it is your friend!

Tech Tools for Teachers

Integrating Technology in the Classroom: It Takes More Than Just Having Computers

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Technology has become part of the educational process, but too often it is separate and not integrated into the learning experience. Today, Education World offers easy and painless ways to integrate technology into your daily routine. Included: Nineteen activities and nearly 50 Web sites.

Integrating technology into the curriculum is a priority -- if not a mandate -- in most schools today. Most educational technology experts agree, however, that technology should be integrated, not as a separate subject or as a once-in-a-while project, but as a tool to promote and extend student learning on a daily basis. The challenge, of course, is in finding ways to use technology -- and to help students use it -- that don't take time away from core subjects.

For many teachers, a lack of personal experience with technology presents an additional challenge. In order to incorporate technology-based activities and projects into their curriculum, those teachers first must find the time to learn to use the tools and understand the terminology necessary for participation in those projects or activities.

Used properly, however, technology can be a tool for teachers as well as for students. To help teachers new to technology gain experience in using it, and to help tech savvy teachers incorporate technology more fully into their daily routines, Education World offers the following easy ways in which you can seamlessly integrate technology into your daily and weekly classroom routines...

Click here to finish reading this article full of easy-to-use resources to aid in integrating technology for all levels of users...

Did you know that you had the power... reset passwords for NCEdCloud? Neither your PLEF nor Media Spec has this ability. If you are the teacher of record during any point in the day (core or encore), it's just a few, short steps. Click this link for directions.

Tech Tips for Lenovo Laptops

Shutting down your Lenovo

Be sure that you are shutting down your Lenovo daily. This is different than what we do for desktops. However, It's the best way for any updates that have occurred in the background during the day, to take effect once your computer is rebooted. This will solve many of the issues laptops are having. It's also the best way to achieve an optimal battery charge overnight. This also solves MOST of our issues with logging in, connecting the network, using the touch screen, etc. So please, in the last class of the day, BEFORE they return to homeroom, have students SHUT DOWN the laptop rather than just close them or log off.

How do I...Where do I...Do you know???

Check the knowledge base! The Personalized Learning Environment Resource Center or PLERC, has a FAQ page that can help with getting to know your device and basic troubleshooting, Visit the page here and search for keywords related to your questions. Answers can be found about Net Support Tutor, syncing OneDrive, digital citizenship, and much more!

Charging Cart Dos and Don'ts

Do: Model the appropriate way to insert your device in the cart. Don’t assume your students know how to put the device in the cart. Improper storage can damage our devices, plugs, and cart.

Do: Keep your cart keys in a safe place and lock your cart. Until we make a decision, devices will remain in the buildings. It is important to lock your carts. Most of our staff leave our doors wide open at the end of the day. We have many visitors and students that can roam the halls. Please don’t leave your device hanging out either. Feel free to utilize an open slot if you are not going to use it at home.

Do: Make sure your cart is plugged in! This may seem like a “duh” but you would be surprised. The cart cycles every 20 minutes to one of the three surge protectors in the back. There is never a time when all three will be on. In order for any charge to get to devices you must plug in the main box to an outlet. The reset switch should be powered on as well.

Don't: Plug accessory devices in your carts. One way to overload the surge is to plug in outside items such as small refrigerators, microwaves, printers, coffeemakers and other items. Please utilize your cart for the devices only. We do not want to void any warranty or service.

Don't: Plug the cart into a power strip. Per the fire marshal's orders, power strips cannot be plugged in power strips. The charging cart is essentially a giant power strip. Please plug the cart directly into a wall (or floor) outlet.

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Coming Soon Using Canvas & Small Groups!

Wenalyn Bell Glenn

Please be on the lookout for POP-PD! Pop-up PD will take place on one the days I am at your school. I will send a calendar invite to the school and all you have to do is simply accept so I know who is coming and I can prepare. My job is to help you make your course the most personalized and assist you with integrating technology. PL Coordinator serving Guilford and Mendenhall in GCSNC.