Gallipoli Campaign

vlassi ramantanis


The Gallipoli Campaign, also known as the Dardanelles Campaign or the Battle of Gallipoli or the Battle of Çanakkale took place on the Gallipoli peninsula (Gelibolu in modern Turkey) in the Ottoman Empire between 25 April 1915 and 9 January 1916, during World War I.

Gallipoli Facts


- There were nearly half a million casualties during the campaign, according to the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs.

- A joint British and French operation was mounted to capture the Ottoman capital of Constantinople and secure a sea route to Russia.

- Autumn and winter brought relief from the heat, but also led to gales, flooding and frostbite.

- In the summer, the heat was atrocious, and in conjunction with bad sanitation, led to so many flies that eating became extremely difficult.