Brain-Jack News 12/16/15


A plane has been taken over and was attempting to be stopped by several individuals. No-one knows how this had happened or who EXACTLY was behind it but there are several leads in who the culprit may be. Fortunately it was stopped before any real damage could be done or anything could've gone wrong. Several individuals were caught trying to stop it, all of them seeming to be young adults. With two of them being guys and one of them being a girl, they have been identified as Sam, Vienna, and 'Dodge'. They weren't able to defeat the hackers controlling the plane but fortunately the Airport itself was able to regain control in a last attempt effort. Sam has been described as being a hotshot hacker, Vienna described as being a bit harsh, and 'Dodge' described as an experienced hacker.


Our country's enemies have escaped and they're now spreading lies in order to stop people from having the opportunity of being connected to a Neuro-Headset! If you are able to find these criminals then contact us at: 555-555-5555

The three criminals go by the names of: Sam, Vienna, and 'Dodge'.

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