South China Tiger

The Artic Snowy White Turtles


  • hunt usually between morning and night just like the lions.
  • stalk and end the prey's life with a quick bite at the back of their neck.
  • After the prey is killed, they usually drag their prey to a place to eat
  • is extremely strong and has the strength of 13 regular men.
  • consume from 35-90 pounds of meat from the animal.
  • are not skillful hunters they will only catch one prey from about 10-20 tries, leaving them sometimes hungry for over a day.
  • hunt in groups.
  • male tiger usually eats the most meat in the family.
  • a good diet for the South China Tigers include young elephants, birds monkeys, fishes, and rhinos.


  • Live in the Central part of China
  • Range stretches over 2000 km from north to south of China
  • came from the Sundas Islands (wiki)
  • Borders Vietnam and Assam (India)


  • Land mammal
  • Covered in tiger fur
  • Female is 221-254 pounds
  • Male is 287-386
  • Female height is 7 ft 3 inches-7 ft 12 inches
  • Male height is 7ft 7 inches- 8 ft 7 inches
  • Cub starts hunting after eight weeks
  • 1-5 cubs per littler


  • Known as the Chinese Tigers
  • Extinct in the wild
  • Hunts in packs
  • Has extremely sharp teeth
  • learn how to kill in 11/2-11/4 years

Reasons for Endangerement and critical info

  • Critically Endangered
  • Maybe extinct in the wild (wiki)
  • Humans killed them for their fur
  • Their is a law to stop hunting China Tigers (wiki)
  • Have zoos that contain these wild tigers
  • 57 left in the wild