EAT Semester Exam

Maddie Gibson

TAFE/Ed Rising and TRAFLES

T - Teaching/Training: I intern at a local elementary school twice a week

R - Recreation: Chapter Christmas Party

A - Appreciation: Our class bought our EAT Teacher a massage, and we all made our field site teachers hand-painted name blocks along with thank-you notes

F - Fundraising: Cookie-dough fundraiser

L - Leadership: TAFE Competition Conference at TCU

E - Educational Awareness: 5 Texas colleges visited us to talk about their College of Education

S - Service: Christmas tree canned food drive

TAFE/Ed Rising: I participated in 3 competitive events: ELF Test, Job Interview, and Scrapbook. I only advanced for the Chapter Scrapbook, so at the end of January, I will competing in the state competition in Houston.

My Future as a Teacher

I am a junior in high school so I still have some time before I need to narrow down my choices and start applying. I have started a list of colleges I wouldn't mind attending which are Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Baylor University in Waco, and Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. Although I haven't made any college visits, I plan to do so this spring or summer.

My dream school would probably be NYU, or UC Berkeley, or Washington State because of their locations and majors offered, but my #1 choice out of my practical list would be Baylor University because it's far enough to where I feel independent but also close enough if I need help, and they have a beautiful campus and I've always wanted to go there.

I took my SAT on December 5th, and have scheduled to send my scores to those 4 colleges after I receive them on the 22nd. Depending on my score, I may or may not retake the SAT, but I do plan on taking the ACT sometime in the near future.

Baylor University!

My Dream School