Froggy News

Week of September 14, 2014



We will be reading a story called Table For Two. We will be discussing the following skills:

having a favorite book

  • short a
  • verbs
  • identifying the parts of a book
  • using punctuation
  • sequencing events
  • taking care of books

I will also be introducing the children to the literacy C.A.F.E. (Comprehension,, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary) menu. The children will be learning about different types of strategies good readers use to understand what they are reading.

I will also be meeting with each child individually in order to assess their reading skills. Next week I will begin taking reading groups.


This week in math we will be working on the following skills:

  • review grouping by tens; and to provide practice exchanging $1, $10, and $100 bills
  • introduce My Reference book and to introduce the Math box routines
  • establish rules for working in small groups; and to review number patterns and sequences
  • explore place-value patterns on number grids


In Writer's Workshop we will be talking about what our Writing Community will look like. The children will learn what is a Small Moment (one small isolated incident in your life). We will begin by brainstorming ideas and then drawing our ideas. Next, we will learn about "stretching" our ideas out to write a story. During the week we will be reading the story When the Relatives Came. This book is a great model of a Small Moment.

I will also be using this book to introduce the children to mentoring text. As a class we will be looking at one sentence from a story and examine it. The children will begin by "noticing" what words are used in the sentence. They will be looking for nouns, verbs and punctuation marks. By looking at a "real" sentence they will be able to see how real writers write.


This week we will be learning how to complete the pages in the spelling homework book. Next week the children will be bringing home the book and they will be completing one page for homework every night.


Monday-Extra Math


Wednesday-Extra Math