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Reflections from Pastor Jennifer

Stop overthinking! How simple is that to say? But how easy it to do? We have been given faith, grace, and mercy to make the difficult possible. I encourage you today to surrender everything to God - every little thing you have been holding back. Allow Him to transform you, even though it may be painful. Read the rest of Romans 12 for some insight into the various motivational giftings that God provides for His church. You will likely find yourself on that list!
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A sign that you are a slave to choas

A sobering word from Carey Nieuwhof

You already know this, but you have core priorities that are important but never urgent.

You know you should spend more time with:

  • Your family
  • Working on your marriage
  • Taking better care of yourself
  • Doing long-term planning
  • Working harder on your content
  • Reading
  • Etc etc. etc.

And the reason you don’t do this…is the urgent demands on your time always win out.

You cheat your family, yourself, and even the most important aspects of your job.

After all, the number one thing you say to your family should never be sorry.

Travel Light

As we head into a season that is typically packed with events and stressors, take time for the important things. This devotional may help.

Joel Vaughn - "Friend" (Official Lyric Video)