Workplace Etiquette

By: Mykail Mcwhorter Q1 8A 9/15/16

Dos and Dont's

Show that you want this job \ Don't come in without introducing yourself. Come in with proper clothes / Don't come in with street clothes.

Come in with an positive attitude\ Don't come in the building mad.

Come in the building silent/ Don't pull up blasting your music.

Come in the building and be patient\ Don't come in rushing people or the manager.

The Right Attire To Wear

You want to put on some proper clothes like an white shirt, Nice black pant and a tie or even just put on a suit

Verbal and Non-Verbal

You have go in and say your full name and answer all questions given.

Look at the person and not everywhere else.

When yo leave make sure to dismiss the proper way.