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Mid-Month Newsletter

January Blues

Hey Ladies,
We have gotten off to a slow start this year, but just remember that this is one of our slowest months and some of you are really working your business! A huge shout out goes to my second line because you ladies are rocking it!!

Top 3 Designers

Please remember to hit your $99 pv to stay active and if you are getting close to the 6 month mark without hitting your $199 pv please make sure you look over your sales because I would hate for you to go inactive. If you haven’t read up on the deactivation deadlines, the Nest just released a great FAQ and policy and procedure notification in the O2 Lounge. I will also include the information on our Shutterfly account.

Webinar's and Trainings

If you haven't had the time to watch Monday's webinar, I would do so! Great information from Tyson you could put to good use at your jewelry bars and just talking to people when you are out and about showing off your Origami Owl jewelry!

There are SOAR trainings coming up and it’s always great to develop your business through training! I will be attending the one in Rochester New York and will be wining and dining with Michelle Freatman who is one of our higher upline within the company! I can’t wait to rack her brain!! Please if you have a chance to go to any training that O2 offers, I would do so! This can elevate you to higher levels with your business and it can only help you grow!

The other training coming up is our National Convention in Arizona in July! Unfortunately, my fear of flying will hinder me in going but I know that it will be well worth the money you put out to go to this training!! Not only will you get great training to help with your business, but you will be able to connect with other designers and bounce ideas off of each other, get first looks at new and upcoming jewelry, and they will shower you with FREE stuff! Registration as of right now is $225 but will go up

If you have signed up for the Steve Wiltshire training, you should have received an email with sign in information (check your spam mail). The second training video was just posted last night! This is free training that Michelle Freatman paid for her whole downline to use, so take advantage of this opportunity because Steve is great at what he does and has so much valuable information to share.

I have also have been posting Boot Camp training video’s on our Facebook page that can be beneficial to you and your business and would love for you to follow along and participate. They are done by the wonderful Ms. Laura Ward who is a fellow designer and mentor. She had done the training with her team and has allowed me to share them with you!

From the Nest:

Great News! Our four Limited Edition Valentine's Day Charms -- three Candy Hearts and the Box of Chocolates -- are now available to order!

So that all may have an opportunity to purchase these adorable pieces, we’re setting the following limits on all of our Valentine’s Day Charms:

  • Jewelry Bars: 10 of each item, per 48 hours
  • Wholesale orders: 5 of each item, per 48 hours
  • Retail orders: 2 of each item per order
For all other Valentine’s Day jewelry (Heart Locket with Crystals, Heart Link Chain, Heart Plate):
  • Jewelry Bars: 10 of each item, per 48 hours
  • Wholesale orders: 5 of each item, per 48 hours
  • Retail orders: 5 of each item per order

As you know, our Chocolate-dipped Strawberry Charm was so popular, it’s now a collector’s item.

The Nest

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If you ever have questions or concerns, I am here for each and every one of my Downline! If you would like to be a part of The Whoo Crew facebook page and/or the Shutterfly account, contact me so I can add you.