Postwar America 1950's

Baby Boom

All about baby boomers

The baby boomers were the children born post World War 2. When the men came back from war a significant amount of women suddenly became pregnant, and a population increase sparked. More babies were born in 1946 than ever before. There were many theories to why the baby boomer occurred. One was that America was trying to normalize it self after the depression, and the second was that americans were trying to out number the communist. In reality americans were eager to start families, women got married in their 20’s and wanted to begin the american dream. Baby Boomers impacted the U.S in several ways such as social changes music, economics, social security, politics, and health care. The social changes that occurred were the interpretations of new ideas. For example, the acceptance of gay people, color equality, and women's rights. Unlike their parents, baby boomers grew up in a period when conservatives attitudes were being altered by new ideas. Music was changed by the influences from different locations such as folk music from new york, to psychedelic in san francisco. The music we here today is a result from those changes. Baby boomers are amongst the highest earned in that time period. They brought the economy up by the mass population being to attain jobs and contribute. Social security was affected because they baby boomers were so large in numbers, they will have a major impact once they retire. Several baby boomers are now in politics such as Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, the interest in controlling the new generation politically grew significantly to politics becoming what it is today. Finally health care, so many baby boomers are growing older and developing age related health problems, there is a higher demand for health care workers. Baby boomers widely affected the U.S at the time period from social changes to economics.