The 13 Colonies

By: Kate Hermelink

New England

Our colony was started in 1631. In the New England colony we have the thin rocky soil and have some mountains in the area. Also, there is the Atlantic ocean. We were having very cold winters at the time. People here have many jobs to do like, farming, cutting lumber, fishing and many more there was always something to do. Ships helped us get to New England. We also hunted whales to make candles, lamp oil, and perfume. Trade was happening we traded things like, fish, water and other crops from when we were fishing and farming. We wanted to have religious freedom so we sailed to New England.

Middle Colony

This colony began in the 1630s. We have the Appalachian mountains, Atlantic ocean, Lake Ontario, and a little bit of Lake Erie. Here it is warm but have mild winters, and have very nice rich soil. Some of our resources that we use are iron, sheltered harbors, and our rich soil. Jobs here aren't that bad like, farming, dockworkers, merchants and traders. Some of the resources we used were traded. Timber, fur, iron, water were some of the things. William Penn was a Quaker, a Quaker is a person that feels that another could pray in their own way.

Southern Colony

We the settlers came to the south around the 1620s and 1630s. Here we have rich soil, the Atlantic ocean and had flat land along the coast. Also, have an even warmer climate. We have to cut down timber. Farmers grow crops such as tobacco, indigo and rice. Some of the people here farm. Printers, shoe makers,and carpenters were other jobs that people have. Charleston had a harbor that was a trading center. Lumber, furs, and crops were some of the thing we traded. Maryland welcomed Catholics who not always accepted in the other colonies.

Jamestown and Pilgrims @plymounth

Settlers from England went to Jamestown, Virginia. They wanted to find a route to India and riches like gold. There settlement did not go very well. Lets just say it failed and they were unable to find the Native Americans. While the Pilgrims settled in Cape Cod bay, Massachusetts. They wanted to have religious freedom and to have a better life. There settlement was very successful. The pilgrims found a Native tribe and they would work together. Both when they settled they had the had things that helped them. Like they had the ocean that was there transportation. They had jobs that were the same like farming, and lumberjacks.