Executive Branch Structure

By: Emily Griffith and Victorya Zavala

Who makes up the white house?

Vice President

Ready to assume the job of president if necessary, also has a tie breaking vote.

Members of President Cabinet

They are closest to the president and are in charge of many agencies. They also play an important role in the line of succession.

White House Staff

There are many employees that work for the president like advisors and person staff like their chief, Press Secretary and Personal Aid and Advisors.

15 Executive Departments

There are 15 different departments that all have different jobs that they are in charge of. Some examples are below.


Agencies within the Cabinet Department

The cabinet agencies deal with day to day government issues as well as enforcing laws.


FBI, DEA, US Marshals

Interior –natural resources

Bureau of Indian Affairs, National Parks Service, Forest Service

Defense –protect America

Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, Army

Treasury –manage America’s money

IRS - collection of taxes

Justice - Nation's legal affairs

Independent Agencies

Agencies that report directly to the president.


Nasa - space program

Us Postal Office - delivers mail to the rest of the us

The Central Intelligence Agency - provides security for the nation

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - responsible for financial protection

The Environmental Protection Agency - controls pollution in the air and water

The Federal Election Commission - takes care of finances for election

Regulatory Commissions

They regulate the federal agencies and authorities commissions.


Consumer Product Safety Commission - enforces federal safety standards

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Keeps things organized in banks

Federal Reserve System - manages money with the banks

Federal Trade Commission - Protects customers from being treated unfair

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More on the Vice President

Major roles

They are the president of the senate, gets many takes directly from the president. If the president was to pass they would be next in line.

Changes Overtime

The vice president can now be used as leverage, using their race or ethnicity for political gain.

Line of Succession

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If the president would pass, this is the list of who would take over his duties. First up would be the vice president, if something were to happen to them it would move to the next person and so on.

National Security Council

They are there to help the president with military choices. The people below are who make up the National Security Council.

Presidents Cabinet

What leaders make it up?

Vice President, secretaries of departments and other chief advisors.

What is their duty?

Each has a certain department that the president will go to when he needs advice on a certain subject.

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Office of Management and Budget

They are the part of the staff that helps and provides assistance with the Presidents budget proposal.

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Federal Bureaucracy

This has many departments, agencies authorities etc. They carry out big responsibilities through congressional legislation.

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