Miss Butz's Class Newsletter

February 15 - 19

Thank you for a great party!

Thank you to all of the parents that helped with our friendship party today! It was so much fun! And another HUGE thank you to Mrs. Suesz for organizing so many fun games! I know the kids had a blast. It is sad to think that this was our last classroom party of the year!

I hope you all have enjoyed the Borrow a Book bags that have been coming home. Some weeks I will get to more kids than other weeks. It just depends on assessments and things like that. I appreciate you taking the time to sit down and listen to your child read. That time is so important and I know the kids are so proud to show off their reading skills. Many of them are eager to move on to the next level. I always tell them that it takes lots of practice and hard work. A few kids have already been moving up levels.

A Note from the Nurse...

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Our Fabulous Friendship Party!!

Important Dates

Monday, February 15th - President's Day

No school today

Sunday, February 21st - Spirit Day at The Gymnastics Company

Begins at 1:00pm. Check South Creek's FB page for more details soon!

Tuesday, March 1st - PTO Meeting

Begins at 7pm in the Library





A South Creek parent created a website for kids to practice Chomputation. It has levels P5 and up. Check it out!


Learning This Week!

Literacy Focus:

Story: The Birthday Pet

Letter Sounds: /g/ and /w/

Phonemic Awareness Skills: rereading, comparing and contrasting, middle sounds, ending sounds, segmenting words (saying all sounds in words, ex. dog -- /d/ /o/ /g/), adding sounds to words (ex. "it" add /h/ to the beginning, what is the new word?)

Reading Skills: asking and answering questions, character, plot, setting, problem/solution

Sight Words: of, they

Math Focus:

Counts to Measure Time, Place Value, Surveys and Graphs, I Spy with Shapes

Writing Focus:

Non-fiction writing

Science Focus:

Homes for Living Things

Social Studies Focus:

President's Day


Remember that BOOK-IT pizza forms are due at the end of each month. You reading to your child OR your child reading to you counts! Just fill up the chart for the 21 books, sign it, have your child sign it, and send it in! I will send home a personal pizza certificate for your child if you have reached the goal.


Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Library (rotates each week)

Thursday: Art

Friday: Gym (wear your gym shoes!)

*Please note that your child can NOT check out a new book unless the book is returned on our library day on Monday. If you send it in late, then he/she has to wait until the next Monday to check out another book.

How can parents help their children to be successful in math?

1. Encourage children to play math puzzles and games. … Puzzles and games – anything with dice, really – will help kids enjoy math, and develop number sense, which is critically important.

2. Always be encouraging and never tell kids they are wrong when they are working on math problems. Instead find the logic in their thinking … .

3. Never associate math with speed. It is not important to work quickly, and we now know that forcing kids to work quickly on math is the best way to start math anxiety for children, especially girls.

4. Never share with your children the idea that you were bad at math at school or you dislike it – especially if you are a mother. Researchers found that as soon as mothers shared that idea with their daughters, their daughters’ achievement went down.

5. Encourage number sense … having an idea of the size of numbers and being able to separate and combine numbers flexibly … .

6. Perhaps most important of all – encourage a “growth mindset” – let students know that they have unlimited math potential and that being good at math is all about working hard… use growth praise such as “It is great that you have learned that;” “I really like your thinking about that;” “You have worked really hard to learn that.”


*Dismissal is at 3:50pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

*Every Wednesday is an Early Release Day. We dismiss at 3:20pm.