By Hayley

What is a dolphin?

Dolphins are animals that live in the ocean all over the world.

About bottle nose dolphins

The bottle-nose dolphin is perhaps one of the most commonly seen cetaceans in the world.

What do bottle nose dolphins look like?

Bottle nose dolphins are light to slate grey on the upper part( dorsal surface) of their bodies, fading to lighter grey the sides and pale grey or pink on the belly.


In the wild these sleek swimmers can reach speeds of over 18 miles(30 kilometers). They surface often to breathe, doing so two or three a minute. Bottle nose dolphins travel in social groups and communicate with each other by a complex system of squeaks and whistles. Schools have been known to come to the aid of an injured dolphin and help it to the surface.
Top 10 Facts About Dolphins

Dolphin Feeding

Since wild dolphins catch and eat their foods underwater and research is expensive and often hard to do, most of the data regarding their feeding habits has come from analysing the contents of the stomachs of dead animals that wash up on the beach.

Dolphin Habitat and Distribution

Dolphins live in salt water but they can also live in fresh water locations. Only a handful of the species though are known to thrive in fresh water regions. They tend to stick to the shallow areas of the water found along the continental shelves.

Dolphin reproduction

Dolphins, like almost all mammals, give birth to live long, and nurse them with mammary glands, though it boggles the mind to imagine nursing underwater. But the birth of a dolphin starts long before his babyhood; it starts with how mum and dad first met.

Dolphin predators

Dolphins are not chicken of the sea; yet it would appear that they make a tasty meal for many predators. And why not? With an exceptionally high fat content, dolphin and other cetacean meat provides great nutrition for predators who stalk, or swim stalkingly, throughout the ocean.

How many colours do dolphins come in

There are many types of dolphins(5). Black, white, grey, striped and spotty.

What do dolphins do at night

Many bottle-nose rest at night. They rest at the bottom of the sea.

Dolphins have perfect eyesight even if their looking at a visual illusion. If you look into this picture you will see green dots as well. Have a go!


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